Project Barca starts with an idea that is today taken for granted but which was uncommon to ordinary thinking in 15th century Europe; that the world is round and by sailing west one would eventually arrive in 'the East'. Conceptually, philosophically, and politically, going West to find East raises a host of questions, not least about the human urge to adventure, to discover, to take possession of, and to colonise what we find in our paths.

Project Barca explores a range of ideas contained within the phrase 'going west to find east' by first inverting it, i.e., 'going east to find west', and then playing on the inherent paradox of going in either direction to find the other.

Conceptualized three logos for Barca. The objective was to design a graphic and/or wordmark that captures the complex set of ideas embedded in the phrase - Going 'West' to find the 'East'.