Our concept was to design and develop a pair of self-tightening and self-loosening shoes that can integrate seamlessly into our everyday lives, while improving the comfort and performance of our movements. The shoe is to understand the intentions of the wearer by responding to a variety of human kinesthetic motions and automatically adjusting their tightness accordingly.

Through studying the way people walk and run, we implemented a set of different modes to the shoe. It first begins with a user putting on the shoe. As they stand in the shoe, pressure would be applied; thus, tightening the shoe. When walking, the shoe will tighten further so that the shoe will be tight enough to walk in. This effectively reduces risks for ankle injuries, which is commonly caused by loose fitting shoes. Finally, when the user is running, the shoe would be at its tightest to offer the best performance. When the shoe is to be removed, a simple gesture of crossing the leg and tilting the foot would loosen the laces, so that it can be taken off with ease.

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